Lion Cheer is a school spirit organization whose mission is to provide the gift of encouragement to the athletes at GPA. The squads also participate in outside community service activities and projects as a regular part of our ministry.

The Lion Cheer meets during regular class hours during the school year and attends some after-school practices and camps. In the past two years, they have participated in the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleading Camps. The Lion Cheer is considered an elective class at GPA; participants receive one elective credit on their transcript. Tryouts are held each March for the following school year.

Girls who are chosen for Lion Cheer will:

  • Be of high character.
  • Be discreet and not gossip.
  • Be even tempered.
  • Be highly regarded by peers.
  • Be highly regarded by faculty/staff.
  • Be respectful of the faculty/staff and fellow peers.
  • For more information, contact Jenn Boilla.

Jenn Boilla

Varsity Coach

Summer Mittig

Assistant Coach

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