By filling out the form below, I give my child permission to participate in Grace Preparatory Academy field trips/class trips/school-sponsored events or other extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school. I understand that my child may ride as a passenger in any vehicle and with any driver authorized by the school’s administration to provide student transportation for purposes directly related to that same activity. I understand that I will be fully informed about the details of any filed trips in advance of my child participating in such. I also give any of the school’s authorized representatives (staff sponsors or chaperones) permission to seek emergency medical assistance for my child as may be deemed necessary and appropriate. Finally, I recognize that the school and its representatives bear responsibility for my child’s well-being only when he or she is under their direct authority and only to the extent that my child accepts and cooperates with their leadership and direction.

Medical Permission Slip

While on the trip, my child may have the following as needed:

Parental consent for treatment:

By signing this form, I, being the Parent or Legal Guardian of the student listed, give my consent for emergency medical & surgical treatment of this minor in a licensed hospital by a licensed physician, or health care provider should his/her condition require it in my absence. I understand that in such a case reasonable attempts would first be made to contact me, time and condition permitting. As long as the medical or surgical treatment considered necessary in the situation is in accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice for the type of injury or illness involved, I impose no specific limitations or prohibitions regarding treatment.