This Holiday season
the best gift you can give


This year we have communicated a lot of the larger, specific needs at Grace Prep, but sometimes things come up that can’t be planned for. This year, use your end of the year giving to support the general fund at Grace Prep, to help with all the random needs that come with running a private school.


A gift of any size will help, but we thought we would show you what you get when you purchase an item versus what you get when you invest in Grace.

What can you get with $150?

  • One day at Six Flags for two people
  • One day at the spa
  • Toy robot
  • Hoverboard
  • KidCraft play kitchen
  • Annual pass to Legoland in Grapevine
  • Smartwatch
  • Electric scooter

What can you get by giving to Grace Prep?

  • Family time
  • Partnership in a child’s education
  • Christian teachers/mentors for kids
  • Involvement with a supportive community of families
  • The continuation of university model education
  • An open invitation to Grace Prep sporting and arts events
  • Warm, fuzzy feelings
  • Cancellation of the Ghost of Christmas Past’s visit

Invest in Grace

End of Year Giving Form