Partnering with parents is a vital component of our educational model. Therefore, Grace Prep strives to bless parents in their God-given role as the primary faith trainer of their children, and Grace Prep also receives monumental blessings from its parents. Over the last several years, here are some of the ways this partnership has been manifested.

Raising Parent Awareness and Teaching Assistance

  • Parenting Class – This class met weekly for four months in both the fall and spring semesters with the topic “On Purpose Parenting”.  This is designed to help parents to make intentional Kingdom investments in the lives of our children.  “The greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise”.
  • Sound the Alarm – This series of evening parent training sessions first addressed the parents’ role to…
    • Build up and protect our kids
      • Connect relationally
      • Invest spiritually
      • Protect Appropriately
    • These topics were addressed
      • Technology is not evil, but evil can find our kids through technology
        • Parental Controls, Strategies to Prevent and Monitor
        • Confronting Internet Pornography
      • The Illusion of the Addictive Cyber World
        • On-Line gaming
        • Social Media
      • Hurting Yourself or Others
        • Self-Harm and Suicide
        • Bullying
      • Seductive Attractions that Lead to false Bonding
        • Internet Pornography
        • Sexting

Coming Alongside Parents who are Experiencing Family Challenges/Crisis

Parenting is difficult and at times overwhelming. Grace Prep strives to come alongside parents with encouragement and also guidance when appropriate in the midst of heightened parent/child challenges or crisis. This is always done with confidentiality and discretion.

Parents Coming Alongside Grace Prep

Parental involvement is critical in the life of each student but also in the life of Grace Prep. Here are a few of the avenues that parents “minister” to Grace Prep.

  • Blessed by Grace Association (BGA)
    • Motto: To bless and be blessed
    • Purpose: The purpose of the Blessed by Grace Association (BGA) is to form a three-way connection between Grace Prep Academy staff, families, and the community by promoting opportunities for…
      • Grace Prep blessing its families
      • Families blessing Grace Prep
      • Families blessing families
  • Moms in Prayer – Regular gatherings of moms who pray for the students, families, and school
  • Booster groups – these groups provide support for the various student activities such as…
    • Drama
    • Baseball
    • Volleyball
    • Track
    • Basketball
    • Football
  • Parents also provide assistance throughout the school year for all kinds of school activities and events.
GPA partners with parents to provide a Christ-centered, college preparatory education where students are allowed to further develop their God-given talents and virtues and become college-worthy character witnesses for Christ.