Grace Prep Library

The Grace Prep Library is a very busy place! On any given day, you may find our elementary librarian, Mrs. Harvick, reading to our primary classes, enrolling our students in a variety of reading programs, helping a high school student find a needed resource for a research project or writing assignment, or just providing a place for a student, parent, or teacher to enjoy a quiet moment away from the busyness of the day.  Grace Prep is committed to growing stronger families and stronger students by providing a wide variety of materials that may be borrowed for use at home and then returned to the library.

Every year money raised from sales at the Scholastic Book Fair goes to support the library and to provide for the purchase of updated resources for Grace Prep students and families to use.  We are so grateful to the many parents who help organize and support the Scholastic Book Fair every year.

Come see us in the library! We would love to have you!

Library Hours
Tuesday 7:30 – 3:30
Thursday 7:30 – 3:30

Times subject to change.

Blue and Gold Reading Program

Welcome to our Blue and Gold reading program! Our elementary English teachers have developed these reading lists 1) to expose our students to a variety of genres and thus foster a love of reading, 2) to expand students’ knowledge base in content classes with carefully chosen non-fiction books, and 3) to give students an opportunity to respond to and “own” what they have learned through a variety of assessments. In the 1st and 2nd grades students who desire to participate can check out books from the classroom. Third through sixth grade books are available from our GPA library on a two-week basis.

For all grade levels, please keep in mind the following program details:

  • All assessment formats for elementary grades are listed below. Simply hover your cursor over the name of the assessment your student wishes to use and open it. Download it and print it off. Once your student has completed it please turn it into his English teacher.
  • For your convenience, the grade level book lists are also listed below in a downloadable format.
  • Students who complete the entire program (all 10-12 books) will earn a “ticket” to the pizza party in April and a medal at the awards ceremony in May.


Students now have the choice to complete 1 of 5 generic assessments for each assigned book from the reading lists below.

Questions or comments? Please email Elaine Chapman at Happy reading!

Description Download
Kindergarten Reading Tests Click Here
First Grade Reading Tests Click Here
Second Grade Reading Tests Click Here
Third Grade Reading List Click Here
Fourth Grade Reading List Click Here
Fifth Grade Reading List Click Here
Sixth Grade Reading List Click Here
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