Will I sign my Contract of Enrollment online?

The Grace Prep Online Enrollment process allows you to sign your contract online. You will complete one contract per student. Prior to submitting the enrollment packet, a copy of the contract may be printed for your records.

Once I enroll my student(s) and submit the Contract of Enrollment, can I change my mind?

As stated in the Grace Prep Parent/Student Handbook, once you submit your enrollment materials, including the Contract of Enrollment, you are obligated to fulfill your financial responsibility to Grace Prep.

What if I am applying for Financial Aid?

The link to the financial aid application, as well as more information about financial aid, can be found here.

  • Financial aid is only available as funds are available.
  • Qualifying for financial aid does not guarantee any award of financial aid.
  • No financial aid can be awarded until after the family completes GPA’s enrollment contract.

After you receive your financial aid award notification, you have 7 days to accept or withdraw without penalty. Please contact the Business Office if you have any questions.

What is my financial obligation at the time of enrollment?

A down-payment of 3% of tuition is required within 10 days of reenrollment to hold student’s priority seating in classes.  This payment will be credited towards the family tuition account.

How will I know what my monthly tuition bill will be?

FACTS will send you an email confirmation after you enroll and the Business Office has finalized your family charges. This email confirmation will provide details regarding your annual tuition amount, the amount to be withdrawn according to the payment plan selected, and the scheduled dates you selected for the withdrawals. Please review this information carefully. You can update your profile online at any time.

What if I wait until later in the Spring or Summer to enroll?

We encourage families to enroll as early as possible.  This ensures that a spot is reserved for your student in their selected classes, which is particularly important for classes with only one section.

Additionally, early enrollment enables families, who plan to pay their account monthly, the ability to reduce their monthly payments by having their total tuition spread out over a longer period of time.  Later registration will have the impact of increased monthly payments.

What if I want to change a class after I have submitted my online enrollment information?

If you wish to change a class after submitting your online enrollment packet, you will need to print out a Schedule Change Request form and submit completed form to the Registrar.  A fee of $25 will be assessed to your Family Account for schedule change requests for all changes after July 1st.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you do miss a payment, you will receive a notice from FACTS with instructions on how the missed or returned payment will be handled. You may also be assessed a fee from FACTS for each payment attempt or notice of insufficient funds.

Is it possible to make changes to the payment plan once it is established?

Yes. Simply contact the Business Office if you would like to make changes. We also recognize that unforeseen circumstances such as the loss of a job, divorce, and death can affect your ability to make your payments. If this occurs, we urge you to contact us to discuss how your tuition payments can be adjusted.

What offer costs or fees should I expect?

No fees for enrollment, athletic or extracurricular activities, monthly payment options, technology, building or facility are charged.  In addition, the class academic field trips/retreats, yearbook, and school pictures are included in tuition.

Tuition does not include textbooks, supplies, uniforms, and lunches.  Other fees that are not included in tuition are:


Type Cost Explanation
Admissions/Testing $125 per student
AP Testing Fee $110 per test Students taking any AP test.

Spring Semester charge.

Transfer Credit Fee $50 per semester   (accredited sources)

$100 per semester (unaccredited sources)

Transfer of credit from a pre-approved outside source to a Grace Prep Diploma.  Transfer credit requirements must be met.  Contact Advising office for details.
Credit by Exam $50 per semester   (accredited sources)

$100 per semester (unaccredited sources)

Proctor Fee $50 per test
Return of Cell Phone or Communication Device $25 for 1st offense

$50 for 2nd offense

Retrieval of a cell phone taken up by faculty or staff member.
NSF Fee $35 Return checks.  Charged by FACTS and Grace Prep.
Late Fee $25 FACTS charge.
Schedule Change Fee $25 for each schedule change Change of classes initiated by family after July 31st.