At Grace Prep, we believe that a successful elementary program begins with excellent teachers in the classroom and dedicated parents at home. Our program also facilitates the highest level of student learning in a Christ-honoring environment. GPA’s unique two-day-a-week schedule allows elementary students to spend a significantly greater amount of time with their parents who co-teach them the other three days of the week. With the leadership and instruction from quality teachers, Grace Prep parents take a more hands-on role in meeting the academic, psychological, developmental, and spiritual needs of each child. As we partner with parents in meeting these needs, it is our goal that each child will be empowered to face the world with the hope and mind of Christ.

Grace Prep’s teachers bring a wealth of experience and a love of teaching to the classroom as they strive to create an environment that encourages a love for learning and focuses on academic and spiritual growth. Purposeful teaching encourages academic excellence, critical thinking, and the imparting of a biblical worldview. And in the midst of all that, we manage to have fun as well! Our elementary students enjoy many opportunities to showcase their work, whether it be at our Science Extravaganza in the fall or the History Fair in the spring. Our elementary electives offer students the opportunity to stretch their wings and demonstrate excellence in new ways.