What if, two years before their freshman year in college, students were already in the habit of organizing their discretionary hours for the completion of class assignments?

The University-Model® … a unique and exciting approach to Christian education!

Imagine elementary students attending classes like college students! Two days a week, they would receive instruction from their professional teachers at school, while, three days a week, they would study for those classes at home under their parents’ supervision.

From the seventh to the twelfth grade, the schedule would reverse: students would spend three days a week at school and study two days a week at home under the supervision of their parents.

What kind of advantages for college would students gain if, as juniors and seniors, they practiced and experienced an authentic, university-style schedule? The schedule would include:

  • MWF Classes
  • TTH Classes/Electives,
  • Extra-curricular Activities and/or Part-time Jobs

Would the behavior, character, worldview, and performance of these students improve, if parents were given more time each week to invest themselves in the academic, moral and spiritual education of their children?

Would family relationships, both present and future, be strengthened with such an approach?

And what if all these benefits could be achieved for one-half to two-thirds the cost of a typical, private Christian school?

Could such a model work?


It is working right now!

It is called the University-Model®.

GPA partners with parents to provide a Christ-centered, college preparatory education where students are allowed to further develop their God-given talents and virtues and become college-worthy character witnesses for Christ.