Throughout the 1950s, 60s, and 70s there was a tug-of-war of sorts between the American educational system and parents who felt they could better educate their children and reinforce their family values at home.

The debate grew contentious in the 1980s and 90s. But by the 2000s, parent-centric education had taken its rightful place as a viable and successful alternative to a traditional classroom education.

Then in 1992, Grace Preparatory Academy, the first University-Model school in the country, began to redefine how communities thought about education. As parents began to invest more time and took a hands-on roll in their children’s  education, the desire for schools using this model grew greatly. Today there are more than 88 University-Model schools across the world with Grace Prep serving as the flagship school.

Grace Prep was the first school to marry two proven elements of educational success, 1) professional classroom instruction of a teacher and 2) caring at-home mentoring of a parent, that combined into a single, unified, college-simulated program. Their theory was this: place any child in a warm, secure, inviting environment with professionals who care, parents who are engaged, and a viable plan for success, and they will thrive.

“At Grace Prep, we strive to close the gap,” said Chris Harper, Administrator. “We strengthen families by affording them more time. We partner with parents in educating their children so that the institution takes a backseat to the home. We’re literally redefining how Texas does ‘school’. For instance, it takes public and charter schools in Texas nearly 12,000 hours to educate a single child. At Grace Prep, we do it in half the time but with twice the results. And we do it with excellence resulting in 23 National Merit scholars since 1992, 22 state championships, and a Biblical worldview. That’s the Grace Prep way—half the time, twice the results.”

By transforming students, families, and communities, Grace Prep has a lot of people rethinking how education should be done in America.

GPA partners with parents to provide a Christ-centered, college preparatory education where students are allowed to further develop their God-given talents and virtues and become college-worthy character witnesses for Christ.