Chris Harper

Interim Head of School  |  ext. 115

Chris Harper joined our Grace Prep team in August of 2016. Chris’ diverse professional background includes serving as an administrator in both public and privates schools as well as pastoring and planting local churches. Chris holds a Masters Degree from the University of Louisville and is an ordained minister.

Chris’ philosophy of education begins in the home. Chris holds to the biblical principle that dad and mom are the first and foremost teachers, disciple makers, and magistrates in the life of their child(ren). Chris believes that University Model Schools best advance this philosophy as they give time and authority back to parents so that they can “train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph 6:4).

Chris is married to Allyson and they have three children; Scarlett, Malachi, and Calvin.

“What I appreciate most about Grace Prep is that it is a place where I can share and live out my faith. And this is important because I’ve learned that children have never been very good at listening to adults, but they have never failed to imitate them.”

Richie Alfred

Athletic Director  |  ext. 103

Coach Alfred is a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington and has spent 35 years in education. His teams have won over 550 games and made 16 playoff appearances including two trips to the TAPPS Final Four. Coach Alfred has been named Coach of the year on 10 different occasions and was selected to coach in the 2011 Texas Association of Basketball Coaches All Star Game. Over 50 former players have gone on to compete collegiately. He and his wife Christie have two daughters, Amanda and Ashley.
“Grace Prep is a unique opportunity to coach the game I love and use it as a tool to teach the many valuable life lessons that can be learned through athletics from an eternal perspective.”

Susan Crosier

Principal |  ext. 122

Susan joined the Grace Prep family as the Dean of Academics in June 2016.

Her passion for The Lord and the desire to make a difference in the lives of students makes Grace Prep the perfect place for her. Susan finds that the opportunity to partner with parents in developing college worthy, character witnesses for Christ an honor and blessing. After fourteen years as a classroom teacher in Arlington ISD, she became an Instructional Coach for the district. With many years of experience in education, she came to us with knowledge in a variety of areas and special programs. Susan enjoys building relationships and encouraging students, teachers, staff and parents, while walking alongside them as a thinking partner and advocate for education.

Susan has a BA in English, and a M.ED. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, with Principal Certification, from the University of Texas Arlington. Susan, and her husband Scott, have two children. Emma is a 2016 graduate of Grace Prep and a junior at The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. Nate is a Grace Prep senior and is headed to Baylor University in the fall.

“What a blessing it is to educate young people while strengthening their spiritual foundation, and relationship with the Lord, in a community of fellow believers. I love the fact that we partner with parents, as they fulfill their roles as primary faith trainers for their children. God continues to bless us with a school family who shares a passion for Christian education. Together, we are creating a generation of college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ. What a Blessing!”

Denise Webb

Educational Services Director  |  ext. 106

Denise joined Grace Prep as a teacher in 2003. After teaching English at various grade levels for five years, she began serving in an administrative capacity as well and is currently our Dean of Educational Services. Denise’s responsibilities include oversight of the registrar and advising offices, student services, as well as offering academic support services in the areas of class scheduling, testing, and academic events such as awards ceremonies and graduations, medical screenings, and crisis management. Denise is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a BS in advertising and public relations and earned her master’s in Instructional Leadership from Sam Houston State. She has three beautiful girls: Melissa, a graduate of Texas A&M who is married and living in the Austin area; Emily, who graduated from Texas State and is working in Austin; and Elizabeth, who graduated from Texas State and is working as a kindergarten teacher in Austin.

“It is a privilege to partner with parents as we seek to develop family-centric, college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ.”

“It is a privilege to partner with parents as we seek to develop college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ.”

Kara Gunn

Development and Advancement Director |  ext. 116

Kara joined the Grace Prep team in July of 2019. She holds a BA in
Multidisciplinary Studies from Texas Tech University and has a background in
public education, marketing and lay ministry. Kara and her husband,
Phillip, have been a part Grace Prep for 10 years as parents. They have
three children, Sara, Seth and Noah, who all attend GPA. They love the
school and have experienced the blessing of having more time with their
family due to the university model.

“I count it an honor and joy to help advance the mission of Grace Prep. It
is easy to promote something that I believe in wholeheartedly. Grace Prep
has not only afforded us time together as a family, but has been
instrumental in helping us emotionally and spiritually shape our children.
We are so grateful we found this school years ago and get to partner with
them in our children’s education.”

Scott Marks

Finance Director  |  ext. 119

Kathy Sigirist

Enrollment Management Director  |  ext. 107

Kathy joined the Grace Prep family as the Secondary Enrollment Manager in 2017 after serving as Grace Prep’s Assistant to the Dean of Athletics from 2009-2013. She holds a BS in Education from Texas Tech University and prior to joining the Grace Prep Athletic Department, Kathy taught French and History for Arlington ISD. Kathy and her husband Shane are now Grace Prep alumni parents to two beautiful daughters; Allie, a graduate from Dallas Baptist University who is married and is teaching 4th grade in Grapevine, TX; and Emily who is a Junior Visual Arts Major at the University of North Texas.

“God blessed our family years ago with the opportunity to become part of the Grace Prep legacy. Now it is my honor and privilege to share with new families that Grace Prep is here to partner with parents to develop College Worthy Character Witnesses for Christ. I am truly blessed to call Grace Prep home.”

Phil Smith

Facilities and Campus Logistics Director  |  ext. 118

Phil joined our Grace Prep administration team in 2013. Phil graduated from Texas Tech in 1985 with a BA in speech communication and then went on to pursue a master’s degree in theology, graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1991. Phil combines over twenty years of secular work experience with twenty-five years of pastoral ministry. Since 2010, he has been pastoring Living Hope Church in southeast Arlington. Phil also served with a short-term missions organization (Global Missions Fellowship which is now known as E3 Ministries). He has been on 23 missions trips (most of which he has led) to places such as Peru, Uganda, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City. Phil also pastored a church in Nebraska from 2003-2010.

Phil has been married to Debbie for 35 years and they have three children. His son, Nathan, lives in Omaha, Nebraska. His two daughters are both graduates of Grace Prep. His youngest daughter, Katy, recently graduated from Dallas Baptist University and is preparing for ministry in Berlin, Germany. Phil’s daughter, Hannah Gentry, graduated from UTA and lives with her husband in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Phil likes sports and is a fan of the metroplex professional teams and Texas Tech. He likes to play games, such as “42”, Liverpool Rummy, and Wits & Wagers. Phil also endeavors into home improvement projects, having renovated a kitchen, a bathroom, and added another living area to his home.

Allison Mauldin

Academic Advisor

Hello Grace Prep Family!

I am so excited to be joining the team as Grace Prep’s School Counselor and College Advisor. Prior to Grace Prep I was a 4th Grade teacher in Grapevine. I attended Grace Prep in Jr. High and High School and went on to attend Dallas Baptist University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education. I am married to a Dallas Baptist Graduate, Clayton Mauldin. We live in Flower Mound with our dog and cat. In my free time you can typically find me baking cupcakes or reading (sometimes doing both). Grace Prep has always been a blessing to my life in more ways than academics. It has given my family so much hope and life. I am excited to give back to a school that gave me so much.


Nicki Patterson

Elementary Enrollment Manager

Kathy Sigrist

Enrollment Management Director/Secondary Enrollment Manager



Susan Crosier


Kari Bonner

1st Grade

Misty Chase

Kindergarten, Teaching Leadership Team

Barb Curreri

2nd Grade

Sherry Scott

1st Grade

Nicole Snyder


Heather Woolbright

2nd Grade


Susan Crosier


Ember Altimus

Elementary Aide

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6th English & Social Studies, Teaching Leadership Team

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Stacy Jones

5th Math & Science, Parent Connect Leader

Sumer Jordan

Physical Education

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6th Math & Science, Teaching Leadership Team

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Academic Language Therapist

Brandy Schmoker

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3rd Math & Science


Susan Crosier


Andrew Bobo

AP Government & Economics

Marsha Bryan

Theatre (Junior High & High School)

Lisa Bullington

10th, & Pre-AP I0th English, Instructional Coach, Teaching Leadership Team

Manny Fernandez

Worldview Perspective

Carrie Foster

Biology, Psychology

Erin Froehner

7th Science, 8th Science

Emily Gordon

Spanish I, Math 7, 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

Gretchen Graber

8th US History, Junior High Art

Stephanie Hall

Journalism, Yearbook

Amy Hedman

Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Pre-AP Calculus, AP Calculus

Sarah Heflin

7th History, 8th English

Rachel Hogan

11th & 12th English, AP US History

Angel Ingram

Biblical Truths, Study Hall

Suzy Lindem

Spanish II, III, & IV, Pottery, Art (HS I & II), Teaching Leadership Team

Daniel Nieboer

JH Technology, Performance Training

David McDurham

Graphic Design

Rachel Moore

Geometry, College Prep Math

Rhoda Morgan

Test Monitor, Study Hall

Abby Munzing


Nancy Offutt

Forensic Science, Pre-Algebra

Wendy Smith

Anatomy & Physiology

Bruce Strawn

Government, Economics, & US History

Kurt Wetterling

9th English, World Studies, NHS, Teaching Leadership Team

Ryan White

Video Productions

Adrienne Wiles

8th Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Martha Wilhelm

World Studies II, 7th Texas History


Carrie Foster

Fine Arts Coordinator

Jenn Boilla

Lion Cheer Team Coach

Marsha Bryan

Junior High/High School Theater

Gretchen Graber

Junior High Art

Suzy Lindem

High School Art

Megan Maples

Elementary Music

Reuben Melendez


Valerie Trentham

Junior High/High School Choir


Denise Webb

Educational Services Director

Aubrey Gallas


Darcy Page

Educational Services


Chris Harper

Assistant Head of School

Tamra Brudi

Events & Activities Coordinator

Kara Gunn

Development and Advancement Director


Ryan Chambers

Assistant to Athletic Director

Marty Pinon

Front Office

Fran Eubanks

Front Office

Nikki Vassar

Front Office

Jennifer Watson

Front Office

Robin Wetterling

Assistant to Head of School & Office Manager


Scott Marks

Finance Director

Stacie Bradley

Family Accounts


Phil Smith

Facilities & Campus Logistics Director

Troy Chambers


Peyton Picou


Gary Puckett

Safety Officer

Carmen Ramirez