Sunday, October 26, 2014
Blue and Gold Reading Program


Welcome to our reading incentive program! Our elementary English teachers have developed these reading lists 1) to expose our students to a variety of genres and thus foster a love of reading, 2) to expand students' knowledge base in content classes with carefully chosen non-fiction books, and 3) to give students an opportunity to respond to and "own" what they have learned with a variety of assessments. In the 1st and 2nd grades, the program is optional. Students who desire to participate can check out books from the classroom. For 3rd through 6th grades, some of the books are required reading; please refer to the grade level book lists included as the cover document for each PDF package in the chart below. For the required books, completed tests will count as a major test grade. Third through sixth grade books are available from our GPA library on a two-week basis.


For all grade levels, please keep in mind the following program details:

  • All tests can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate links below. Please be patient; these documents are large and do take a bit of time to load. If you have trouble opening the PDFs from your computer, you can right-click on the PDF link, do a "save target as" to your desktop, and then open the file from there. If, however, you are still having trouble downloading the documents, your student's English teachers will always have hard copies available.

  • Some tests allow the student to refer to the book, and others do not. Please read instructions carefully.


  • All assessments should be completed at home and turned in to your student's English teacher.


  • Students who complete the entire program (all 10-12 books) will earn a “ticket” to the pizza party in April and a medal at the awards ceremony in May.

Questions or comments? Please email Courtney Evans at Happy reading!

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 Kindergarten Reading Tests  
First Grade Reading Tests
Second Grade Reading Tests
Third Grade Reading Tests
Fourth Grade Reading Tests
Fifth Grade Reading Tests
Sixth Grade Reading Tests